Shell Necklace_1


A summer shell necklace. Gold plated or with a black chain, my personal favorite. Wear it to always feel close to relaxing summer days.


Length: 41cm

Material: metal element zamak* , gold plated or silver plated, metal stainless steel chain, pearl.

*It is one of the safest metal alloys for human health, which has replaced the lead and nickel alloys which are considered dangerous to health and for this reason is used in addition to the manufacture of metal components for jewelry, kitchen utensils and even for children. toys. It is highly anti-allergic and completely safe in contact with the skin.

Your necklace will last long if you take good care of it. Read here how to treat it.

Your necklace will arrive in a beautiful velvet pouch.

I would love to have you in my stories, don’t forget to send me pictures of you wearing my creations.

With Artistic Joy,


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