Root Chakra – Grounding, Print


🔴 Root chakra, is the first chakra of the seven primary ones which align with the spinal cord.

* Energy: I am
* Color: Red
* Seed mantra: Lam
* Location: Base of the spine
* Element: Earth
* Function: Energy, stability, self-sufficiency

🌱 the red chakra is linked to the earth due to its location at the base of the spine, which holds up the rest of the body. Much like the stability of the earth holds everything on top of it

🧘🏻‍♀️ A person with a balanced Muladhara is grounded, in control, at peace with himself. When the red chakra becomes imbalanced, it is easy for one to become more irritable and belligerent in situations they would otherwise handle calmly


Want to know more about the 7 chakra? This article is a must read here

Includes coloured borders (same as the painting) as a canvas roll or as a stretched canvas.

All prints are on Canvas Roll cotton Fine Art. The original artwork is photographed professionally to ensure maximum reproduction and optimum detail.

All prints come signed at the back. Artist retains the right of reproduction in different forms.

As always, we ship worldwide.

If you need a custom size not listed below, or if you prefer it to come on stretched canvas, please contact me. 

Size and Price options:

20cmx20cm Gicleé Canvas Roll Cotton Fine Art 23€

30cmx30cm Gicleé Canvas Roll Cotton Fine Art 32€

50cmx50cm Gicleé Canvas Roll Cotton Fine Art 50€

Please allow roughly two weeks for your print to be created, packaged, and shipped to you in a paper tube or flat depending on the dimensions.

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