”Pure grace”


”Stay wild”, from my series ‘Flowers I love’. This collection was made as an ode to Spring, a season I love.

In ancient Greece, a strong connection was made between orchids and fertility. As the word “orchid” translates to “testicle” in the Greek language, it describes the orchid’s tuberous roots. Aside from its physical appearance, this symbol of fertility was used by the ancient Greeks to control the gender of babies. If men consumed a large tuberous orchid root, it was believed they would have a son. If the women consumed a smaller tuberous root, they were expected to give birth to a daughter. Pink orchids are still the perfect gift for expecting mothers and growing families today.

Size: Diameter: 30cm

Acrylic and oil on canvas.
Original painting. Signature, date and painting title on back.

The painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

All photos capture the colors and details as closely as possible, but there may be slight variances between photos and actual painting.

All work comes varnished with UV and dust protection, matching painted sides, and ready to hang. Please allow 1-2 weeks for packaging and safe delivery of this beauty.

The painting ships flat, will arrive ready to display.

Artist retains the right to reproduction of the painting in any form, read more here.

Thank you for your preference,

With Artistic Joy,





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