Olympia bracelet


Olympia bracelet is inspired from the olive tree, which we consider to be holy here in Greece.  Wear it and be proud. Read below and you will understand why.

The ancient Greeks considered olives as a symbol of goodness and kindness, while even today, the olive branches symbolize peace. Their fruit has been considered holy since ancient times, a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, health, strength and beauty.

The symbolic meaning of the olive tree has existed in all areas of Greek life from antiquity to the present day. From 776 BC. at the Olympics, the only prize the Olympian received was a wreath made of olive branch and symbolizing peace and the obligatory truce in antiquity, all over the world, during the Games.

Even today in the agricultural areas of the country, an olive tree is planted when a child is born. The olive and the child will grow at the same time. When the child starts school, at the age of 6, the olive is ready to bear fruit. The olive tree will grow with the family, will survive and will be there many generations later to remind the continuity and evolution of life.


Length: 19cm. It looks nice if your wrist is 15 – 17cm, if your wrist is bigger, send me a note at checkout or e-mail me and will make it customized for you.

You can find your wrist size here.

Material: Bronze metal, gold plated, pearls.

*Let me know at your notes at the checkout if would like it silver plated. It can be done at the same prize.

Your bracelet will last long if you take good care of it. Read here how to treat it

Your necklace will arrive beautifully wrapped in a box with an authenticity card.

I would love to have you in my stories, don’t forget to send me pictures of you wearing my creations.

With Artistic Joy,


Διαθέσιμο κατόπιν παραγγελίας

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