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These boho chic bracelets are my best seller. They match every outfit and you can feel protected. I like to wear them in a set of two. You can choose your favorite stone by reading below the healing properties of each one. These bracelets were an inspiration when a customer asked me to design crystal healing bracelets and they became one of my best seller pieces, so please if you have any request on a jewelry you want me to design for you drop me an e-mail and don’t hesitate at all. I always get inspired from your needs.

Crystal Stones and meaning:

Black Onyx: Protects and gives patience. Contributes to Reconciliation, Joy, Health.

Pink Quartz: Attracts Love, Brings Happiness and Peace in Relationship

Citrine: Money, Abundance, Joy, Sociability, Confidence, Power.

Moonstone: Intuition, Beauty, Glamour, Fertility.

Amethyst: Calmness, Strengthens, Intuition, Protects from the negative energy.

Turquoise: Artistic Expression, Socialization, Protection, Communication

Tiger Eye: Beauty, Grace, Luck

Agate: Empowers and Protects. Joy, Courage, Fertility, Health.

Coral: Good Luck, Joy, Love, Passion.

Malachite: Love, Peace, Protection, Prosperity, Self-awareness, New Horizons.


Length: Standard size fits well in a wrist of 16cm, (most common size). If you want it bigger, leave me a note at the checkout or drop me an e-mail with your wrist measurements and I will make it bigger for you with no extra cost. Read how to measure your wrist here.

Materials: PU leather, *zamak terminals, tassel and semi-precious stones.

*It is one of the safest metal alloys for human health, which has replaced the lead and nickel alloys which are considered dangerous to health and for this reason is used in addition to the manufacture of metal components for jewelry, kitchen utensils and even for children. toys. It is highly anti-allergic and completely safe in contact with the skin.

If your tassels get a little unruly, simply spritz with water and use your fingers to comb out straight. Lay flat to dry and voila! Easy peasy.

Your bracelet will last long if you take good care of it. Read here how to treat it.

Your bracelet will arrive in a beautiful velvet pouch.

I would love to have you in my stories, don’t forget to send me pictures of you wearing my creations.

With Artistic Joy,


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