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Coconut trees – Seychelles 2022


Coconut trees – Seychelles 2022, from my short trip to the island. Coconut trees are everywhere in the island and you can even see the signs saying ‘don’t sit under the coconut trees, coconuts do fall’.

I painted this watercolor as a reminder to take time off and relax. Taking some time off is as important as working. Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed, you just need to stop and take a breath. It’s better to recharge than have a burnout. Trust me, take it from someone who has been through and a burnout is not productive at all.
Self care and take time off.

One out of 3 watercolor minis I created the 3 days I stayed in the island.

You can visit this website here to get more information for the island.

Size: 13.5cm x 21cm

Original, one of a kind painting.,

The painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Watercolor on watercolor paper 270g/m2.

Signature, date and painting title on back.

All photos capture the colors and details as closely as possible, but there may be slight variances between photos and actual painting.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for packaging and safe delivery of this beauty.

The painting ships flat.




Sold out!

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