Gifts for special occasions

Let s work together to make something unique for you.

Jewelry & Prints from artwork

If you have a special occasion and want to make a unique gift to your guests, contact me to brainstorm ideas on how to make something special and at your budget.

Hand painted wedding & baptism favors. We can discuss together your theme and decide what to create. 

I can also make a painting with your wedding bouquet or create a painting for guests to write wishes on. 

Bracelets for your bridesmaids, for your guests, for the christening of your child or even a custom made jewelry for you that will match your outfit. I can get inspired from your need and create for you something beautiful.

If you are an organization and looking to sell a jewelry with your logo or with a design attached to your theme, we can work together and make a design that will match your expectations and can support your cause. Or make an artwork and print it on a product.

If you own a company and want a special gift for your employess or clients, the possibilities with printing on objects are endless. I can do an artwork for you and get it print on mugs, phone cases, pens, usb, mouse pads, bags, hats, etc.

I would be happy to help you in any occasion.



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