My Story

I am Marie and my mission is to bring joy  to people’s life.

I make art to empower others to love their individuality and weaknesses. I want you to be who you are with confidence and to embrace all the broken parts inside. I share beauty cause I know it is much needed in this world.

I am an artist and an interior designer. I create artistic handmade jewelry and  inspirational paintings.


I am passionate about making women feel unique, charming and confident that they can achieve their goals and dreams.  That ‘s why i create one of a kind jewelry for women to stand out and show their unique identity.

I paint figurative colorful paintings combined with feelings & emotions to express the inner self. We pass through vulnerable moments and yet we find the courage to overcome them. The path to joy is the one that lead us to our true self.


My first memory as an artist is me baking handmade jewelry out of clay at the age of 7, trying to imitate my mum who is always very creative and at that time was making decorative objects with flowers and laces. The memory and warmth of this atmosphere at my kitchen’s home while creating is what i reproduce as a feeling while creating jewelry.

All work from conception to production is done by hand, and nothing is ever mass-produced. This means that your piece is and always will be an original piece of art carrying my positive energy throughout the process.

I know that you want to stand out and feel pretty and that is the reason I create one of a kind jewelry. I welcome custom orders and get inspired from you. I want you to be yourself and feel happy.

As our life can be hard at times, I believe we should always find ways to lighten up. May my jewelry always make your day and bring you joy.


Painting has always been for me, my time of freedom and healing. Healing through anxiety and difficult emotions. Free to express all of it on my empty canvas. I always feel connected to my inner child while painting.

I love bold color and figurative painting mainly but I also do abstracts and flowers just because they make me happy. I love portraits as my art is for humans and feelings. It is about self worth and how easily it can fly away. And about inner strength that is always there in us. We are much stronger than we think.

I also love to paint dancers as being a ballerina was a childhood dream of mine, a dream I never fulfilled. I was around 8 when I first joined a ballet class and was put with 3 years old that knew much more than me while I was standing, the tallest kid in class, and trying to follow up. I felt devastated and left the class never to join again. I have no regrets now as I firmly believe we do in life what we mostly want but as an act of inspiration for people to follow their dreams and as  a comfort to my 8 year old self,  I paint ballerinas in bold colors and combined them with feelings and emotions .

I admire ballet dancers for their careful and consistent practice in order to achieve seamless performances and for their artistic ability  to communicate ideas through physical expression.

I keep dreaming of a better world with less drama and I hope that through my art I can give you some artistic joy.


These Days

These days I am dividing my time between Abu Dhabi and Greece. I have been living in Abu Dhabi for 8 years now and it is for me a second home. I love Abu Dhabi as it gave me the opportunity to get in touch with a different culture, to meet so many people from countries all over the world and to sell my jewelry internationally. We moved with my husband there as he was hired from a company and I took all my tools for jewelry making with me. Little did I know that it was a wise decision as I collaborated with different stores there and I even had my own little kiosk at Abu Dhabi mall for almost 2 years. I am now turning my business online and I get to travel often to Greece as well, since we also have a son and we want him to spent time with his grandparents and get to know both countries equally.

As a family we love traveling, meeting new people, creating adventures and sharing lots of hugs. We are grateful for all that life has to offer, the good times, the bad times, all of it.


Some more about me…

I love people with humor and I am very self sarcastic.

I survive by laughing at all the hardships of life, crying at my happy moments and by being a good friend.

I love my family above all things.

I watch cheesy romantic movies over and over again, although I am more practical than romantic and some may say I am bit of cynical but I will deeply support my partners & friends with anyway I can. I love deeply.

Friends come to talk to me and trust me with their secrets because they know I am not judgemental. I believe anything can happen to anyone and we have to be kind to each other.

I have zero tolerance to injustice.

I love apple pies  and my favorite flower is hibiscus.

If I ever disappear, you will probably find me near the sea or at an airport. These places both make me feel free and as  I am Greek, freedom is what I value most.


Όλα τα έργα τέχνης αποτελούν αποκλειστική ιδιοκτησία της Μαρίας Χαρίτου -Μαρί
και τηρούνται με πνευματικά δικαιώματα

(ακόμα και μετά την αγορά - περισσότερες πληροφορίες εδώ ). Οι εικόνες, τα έργα τέχνης και τα περιεχόμενα αυτού του ιστότοπου δεν μπορούν να αντιγραφούν, να συλλεχθούν ή να χρησιμοποιηθούν για προσωπικό ή επαγγελματικό όφελος χωρίς τη γραπτή άδεια της Μαρίας Χαρίτου. Όλες οι εικόνες έργων τέχνης, πωλούμενες ή μη, διατηρούνται από τη Μαρία Χαρίτου.


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