An Original or a Print?

I want to explain to you what is a print and in which occasion you may consider buying a print so as to have a piece of art in your space. I want you to be confident on your purchase of an original or a print.

Who owns the artwork?

First of all let’s make it clear that all artwork is sole property of the artist, this includes the rights to the image of sold & commissioned original paintings. The artist retains the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork he creates unless the Collector has purchased the full or partial rights to the artwork (this is in addition to purchasing the original).  Meaning in case you purchase an original and you don’t want the artist to make any prints, you have to purchase full rights of the artwork from the artist. Otherwise the artist can reproduce the artwork in prints, products, etc. Also the collector or buyer may not reproduce the artwork in any way without written permission from the artist. 

Buying an original.

This is a pretty straight forward situation. Some people need to have the original. They like the idea that it is one a kind artwork and they love the textures, painting and feeling of an original. They may have a special place in their home where they place only the finest pieces. It is also an investment for them. If an original is also made in prints, the value of it may increase as public knowledge of the artwork is increased.


A print is a high-quality image reproduction of an original artwork, that is then printed onto a new material like art paper or canvas. If printed on canvas, they can then be stretched and you don’t even need a frame, they are ready to hang. I print on canvas and on art paper of high quality. There are two kinds of prints, limited edition prints and open edition prints. Limited Edition prints are those where only a certain number of them are made, and as they sell the value of the next number in the edition increase. Each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist (if it is numbered “1/100,” it is the first print of 100 total in the edition). Once the last print sells, there are no more.

Open Edition prints can be printed indefinitely and their price is lower than the original artwork or a limited edition prints. They are also not hand signed by the artist.

Nowadays prints have a really good quality and sometimes you can’t really tell the difference from the original artwork apart from the textures. I have giclée prints, a term is used to loosely describe any high-quality print made on an inkjet printer.

A print is more affordable, so it is a nice solution if you cannot afford the original piece or if the original is sold out. It is also convenient because you can have it almost any size you want so it will fit in your space. The room you want it for, it’s also important. It may makes more sense to place a print in a spare bedroom or a rental. Prints are also great for a gift especially to people who love art.


In conclusion

Buying an original or a print has to do with the collector, the space and the circumstance you want it for.

Personally I love originals but I have also bought prints from my favorite artists, because I love art in general and want to be surrounded by artwork and if I cannot afford an original, I will gladly purchase a print.  I love gifting prints from my originals to my friends, and they love it too. A print is such a unique gift because it can transform the whole vibration of a space and can make your days more beautiful.

Of course if you are a ‘only an original will do the work’ kind of guy and you have the right space, then by all means go for it.

With Artistic Joy,


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