Hydra location

Hydra is an island very close to Athens, in the Saronic gulf and it can be reached from the port of Piraeus.

I always have such a nice time there and have connected this island with important events in my life. This year I visited Hydra with my husband and son and it was the first time I took my art materials with me so I can capture some moments by painting on the beach. I haven’t tried doing this before at summer vacation. I really got inspired and enjoyed painting with my watercolors.

The water of the sea there, is a mixture of green and blue. I don’t think I can really capture all the beauty of it. As there are no cars to move around the island, you visit parts of the island with the small boats, used as sea taxi. There is something adventurous to going by the boat to the beach. And you feel a complete freedom and being one with the sea. If you are a sea lover like me you will definitely enjoy this ritual to go for a swim.

Things to do in Hydra.

Hydra is perfect for everyone who loves walking. As there are no cars you can walk around the island and admire all the well-preserved mansions and feel throughout the harbor the long naval history of the island. Also perfectly safe for children.

You can go for a donkey ride around the small town. My son was thrilled. These sweet creatures are the islands main mode of public transport as Hydra is car free. They are often used to transport larger items, baggage and heavy shopping to peoples home in the hills.

You will also see cats going around the streets. The residents of the island take care of them.

Greek food is absolutely tasty and for sure you will be satisfied.

At night you can have your drink next to the sea at one of the many bars in the island.

Personally I love the sea and the colors of the water there and in general Hydra is a very beautiful island even for a one day escape.

See what I captured from my trip there.

Hope through my watercolor paintings you also traveled imaginary to Hydra.

With Artistic Joy,


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