Is working from home freedom or responsibility?

So now you are your own boss and you have freedom to decide and organize your tasks. How can you do that without procrastinating? If you are an artist you know you have to deal with with the business side of creativity, which is (let s face it) the boring one. You can find ways though to make this side fun by dividing your time in a way that will keep you productive. You have to figure out when you enjoy being creative more, morning or night, and when you feel better dealing with marketing, marketing, selling, inventorying,etc. Working from home can be challenging and you must set boundaries to make the best of your working hours.


Here are some tricks I do

1. I know many artists paint in their pyjamas. Well I can t. I simply cannot get in the mood of working wearing my pyjamas. I may do this only at night before going to sleep and when I have to finish something I started at daytime. In order to get in the mood of working, I wake up, I dress up and then I enter my studio.

2. Usually in the morning before entering the studio I go for running or for a walk. This gives me a feeling of ‘going to work’ although I am just working from home.

3. I am grateful I have now a separate room as a studio. This also tricks your brain to switch gears and jump into work. Don t worry though if you are still working on your kitchen’s table, just keep it neat and organized.

4. Make a program for yourself. To balance all the side things of our job you have to figure out a daily/weekly program where you can fit it all. Try and see what works for you. I am still tasting things for myself, like days for marketing, shipping, creating,etc.

5. Don t go for that coffee in your working hours. I know sometimes it gets lonely and maybe these hours are the only hours you have for yourself especially if you are a mum. Still, these hours are for your work to be done. If you want to be successful you have to be an employee for yourself. I know it s tempting when you are working from home but learn to respect your working hours. I find it hard myself, especially when family asks for favors. But say no. Trust me, staying focus will reward you in the long run. You have to respect your working hours so as others will respect them too.

6. Well, do go for that coffee in your free hours. It can get lonely and sometimes even boring to be in one space all week long. So plan meetings with friends or clients and recharge your batteries. Your mental health is important for your creative practice. Take care of yourself.

7. Have timelines and write down things. Whenever I write down what I have to do, I always get it done. It feels good to erase things from your to do list.

8. Turn off your cell phone!! It s a HUGE distraction. Somewhere I have read that your brain needs approximately 20 minutes to get back to work once distracted. By all means, don t do that to yourself, especially if your time is limited.

9. Take breaks. Try pomodoro technique or see what works for you. But take some minutes to stretch or do some headspace.

10. Celebrate your wins!. Would you go out for a lunch with your team if you were working in a company and had accomplished something big?. Do this for yourself. Whenever you have success , reward yourself. You deserve this.

Let me know in the comments, ways that help you while working from home.